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Why Your Ecommerce business Needs Google Shopping

Google Shopping ads offer several advantages over traditional Google AdWords text ads. But the most important of them is that the shopping ads make shopping an increasingly user-friendly experience through product images in the search results, while at the same time it enhances market penetration and increases business outreach.

Google commenced Google Shopping, then called product listing ads (or PLAs) in 2010 in response to other large online retailers like Amazon, eBay, Ali Baba and many more. Since then, the proportion of advertiser spend on shopping over traditional search has increased heavily and still increasing due to the return on ad spend.

Google offers very useful automated bid strategies for Google Shopping like target return on ad spend which allows you to request the AI bidding to get you sales at a desired return. This may sound too good to be true but even if you demand too much return on ad spend it throttles down how many sales you in fact get. Therefore the art is to set the target ROAS at a point where it also brings sufficient sales revenue.

Furthermore Google has brought out Smart Shopping which heavily expands the reach of shopping by serving these Ads into Google’s display network, YouTube and gmail. While providing more inventory for the advertiser, the reporting by channel is practically zero therefore you rely more heavily on Google’s AI to optimise the channels as compared to traditionally when you could turn channels / campaigns / keywords etc off based on the visible results.

Let’s see why every retailer must include Google shopping in their digital marketing strategy:

Google Shopping ads generate highly qualified leads

First, similar to the Google ‘search’ ads, you pay for the Google product listing ads only when someone clicks on the ad. The primary benefit here over the text ads is that you are displaying the product along with the price. Since the user is directed to “buy”, the conversions are found to be higher. This also offers an additional advantage of targeting only high-quality leads.

Seamless User Experience induces higher conversions

When you display your Google product listing ads in Sydney, you are making the entire process simpler for the user. They are directly shown a high-quality product image along with similar other products. This is time-saving for the user as they do not have to go through the entire website to look out for the product they need. For you, this means the prospect is driven to the point of sale in fewer clicks, which ultimately results in higher conversion.

Google Merchant Centre

As part of our service, Search Rescue sets up your Google merchant centre which is where your products are ‘housed’. Here, the products are imported from your website through XML files, API and others as product feeds and that product feed/s is sent to the Google Ads platform. Then the feed is used to serve your products in the search results.

Reaching out to customers

Google product listing ads serve more prominently when someone searches for “buy” options. Simply put, it eliminates queries such as “how-to” “what do I” etc. For a marketer, this means reaching out to customers who are interested in buying what you are offering. This results in quick sales closing and also higher return on your investment.

Product-specific listings

Google shopping groups products and not keywords. Let’s say, a person is looking for Nike running shoes, Google shopping ad will show a listing of several designs of Nike running shoes, depending on the products grouped by the retailer. Thus, a retailer can run Google shopping ads for high margin products and so forth. This will also offer deeper insights into customer psychology and behaviour.

To derive most out of your Google Shopping ads, you need to reach out to the best Google Shopping management agency that has experience in running successful campaigns. Optimize your ads with an experienced Google shopping management agency today to enjoy improved profitability!

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