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Configuring the Optimal Social Media Marketing Campaign

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing is the act of creating content to promote your business and products on various social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

Social media marketing is all about meeting your target audience with the right ad creative at the right time then optimising for maximum return on investment.

How Search Rescue can help

The team at Search Rescue prides itself on providing flexible and robust social media services. We assess your business needs and requirements before developing a tailor-made plan to suit both your budget and audience. A key component to keeping your current and prospective customers up to date with your business offering, social media marketing also plays a useful role in improving your SEO by sending social signals to the website and adding more website traffic.

At Search Rescue, we carry out comprehensive audits on your current social media presence and your target market. We can help set up your brand or business on a variety of different social media platforms or provide suggestions on how you can solidify your current content to carry over on to your social media channels.

If you’re looking for an experienced and reliable social media marketing agency that will make the most of your advertising dollar, look no further than Search Rescue.

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Great Audiences + Great Creative = Results

When it comes to social media marketing on Instagram and Facebook, the two most important elements are the audiences that are being targeted and the creative used to target said audiences. While there is an endless array of creatives that can be used, target audiences fall under one of two categories – cold or warm.


The cold audience is one that hasn’t seen or engaged with your content or your website before. It is generally a large audience and sometimes referred to as upper funnel. The warm audience on the other hand are people who have already engaged with your content, your website or perhaps even supplied their contact details.

At Search Rescue, when we create social media advertising campaigns, in order to deliver the best value for your dollar, we target a mix of cold and warm audiences.


Warm audiences can include anyone who has been to your site, current Facebook fans, existing clients from your database, previous buyers, people who have interacted with your posts and other warm signals.

To reach your Cold Audience, we target users based on interests, demographics, friends of fans, lookalike audiences and other online behaviours.

For lookalike audiences, we take your war audiences and enable Facebook to create lists of people who have similar attributes and run ad sets targeting them. Because Facebook retains so many traits and characteristics about each and every one of its users, the lookalike audiences are exceptionally accurate. Therefore Facebook lookalike audiences are an incredibly powerful way of opening up your sales funnel further to drive additional, incremental sales and leads.

Within social media marketing Search Rescue offers a range of different services, including website clicks, like campaigns, e-commerce campaigns, catalog ads and Facebook lead ads. We tailor our campaigns to the individual business by choosing the appropriate campaign type, audiences and ad creatives for best return on investment.


Now that we have the right audiences to send a message to, we need the right creative for impact and action. Facebook (and Instagram) offer several ad creative options. The most successful and commonly used options are single image ads (static), image carousels and video (which can be included as carousel frames).

Leads Ads can use any of the above creative options but instead of the ad clicking through to your website, it opens up a frame within Facebook with pre-populated fields of user data (usually name, phone number and email address) such that when the user submits the lead form, all of that data (including any additional questions you ask) is sent to you as a lead.

Catalog Ads are an option particularly popular with eCommerce clients whereby (just like Google Shopping) a feed of products is pulled from your website and these serve as frames within an ad carousel which also automatically include product titles and prices. The great thing about catalog ads is that as you update your products and prices this data automatically updates in Facebook on its daily data fetch.

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By combining smart social media audiences, compelling creative and by ‘leaning in’ to machine learning we drive incredible Facebook Marketing & Instagram Marketing results.


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With the right creative and targeted audiences, social media marketing drives awareness, clicks and ultimately sales. It’s no wonder this is the fastest growing digital marketing channel in the last decade.

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