Telehealth Marketing Experts Sydney

Are you reaching out to your patients when they need you the most? With telehealth marketing, you can!

The health industry in Sydney in particular is witnessing tremendous growth. The healthcare sector is increasingly getting decentralized owing to remote patient monitoring, telemedicine, and telehealth facilities. For a medical practitioner, telehealth marketing is the way for potential clients to find you on Google & Facebook. You can then offer your services by phone and / or teleconference. !

Search Rescue offers complete digital medical practice marketing for doctors and medical centres for in-person and remote service. Being experienced doctors of marketing, we handle the entire process of setting up your telehealth services marketing campaign and ensure you enjoy a seamless experience reaching out to your patients right where they are and at the time when they need you the most.

Here’s what our telehealth marketing includes:

  • A data-driven approach to get your message out to potential patients where they are online. Traditionally Google and Facebook are the strongest sites to source new clients.
  • Top-notch digital marketing strategies for better insights into your patients and prospects
  • Innovative solutions for increased brand awareness through various online platforms including social media and paid media channels
  • Position your health service in a way that capitalizes your strengths
  • Develop a comprehensive content strategy to connect with your patients

With our laser precision online marketing for doctors, you will:

  • Reduce patient waiting time
  • Reach out to a wider number of patients in need of your service
  • Reach patients in far reaching locations
  • Reach patients who cannot or don’t want to go to a medical practice such as in times of epidemic, pandemic etc.
  • Faster diagnosis for an effective treatment plan
  • Build a brand image and strengthen brand value
  • Offer better healthcare services to the community
  • Increased visibility
  • Retain your patients

As you are the doctor of medicine, we are the doctors of marketing…Let us help you reach out to your patients faster and better!

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