Google Ads automated bid strategies – which do I choose?

Choosing the right bid strategy on your Google Ads campaign can be very tricky. Below are our recommendations based on significant testing and experience.

Leads campaigns
Initially we recommend maximise clicks to gain data including conversions. Once there are ~25 conversions in a 30 day period we generally switch to target CPA bid strategy which is the most efficient conversion bid strategy. If set correctly it can product fantastic cost per lead at a controllable cost. If configured poorly though it can lead to heavily throttled spend.

If there are less than 30 conversion points available per month we tend to prefer maximise conversions. In the event of poor cost per lead from this strategy we may even keep on manual cost per click but this is generally outdated and inefficient especially when there are lots of active keywords in your campaign that need to be monitored and updated

eCommerce campaigns
For eCommerce based campaigns we prefer to start with enhanced cost per click until such point as there is enough conversion data available. Once there are ~25 conversions available in a 30 day period we generally switch campaigns to target ROAS (return on ad spend) due to the extreme efficiency it can deliver. Similarly to target CPA above, the ROAS figure that is set has heavy impact on budget pacing so this needs to be monitored closely. If the figure is too aggressive (and chasing too high revenue) then spend can be heavily throttled and vice versa a loose target can result in high spend if the daily budget isn’t capped.

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Published On: June 23rd, 2020 / Categories: Content Marketing, Digital Marketing /

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