Search Rescue is one of the fastest growing, forward thinking Digital Marketing Agencies in Singapore having served more than 2000 clients in the past 10 years across a multitude of verticals.

Search Rescue is here to serve the digital marketing needs of small, medium and enterprise businesses across a multitude of industries including Professional Services, Insurance, Property Sales, Art, Retail, Online Shopping (eCommerce & WooCommerce), F&B, and Travel to name a few.

From the highly competitive services industries, medium to enterprise B2B and even bespoke companies offering niche products, Search Rescue helps clients improve their digital visibility with the sole aim to increase sales volume by way of planning, guidance, knowledge, knowhow, implementation and transparency every step of the way – to go the extra mile when it comes to taking your business to the next level.

The Search Rescue client advisory team takes time to understand your individual business needs. We design targeted digital campaigns which put you in front of your audience when they are looking for, or researching your product, goods or services.

Search Rescue breaks down search criteria into 4 criteria: informational, navigational, commercial or transactional – Simply put, we have you, and your customer covered at every stage of the decision making cycle. If you want qualified, consistent results in the strongest digital marketing conversion platforms of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Google Ads, Performance Max, or Social Media Marketing, Search Rescue has the expertise to be your trusted advisor.


Google Ads Agency in Singapore – Increase Leads, Revenue & Profit

Are you selling your products, goods, or services online? Google Ads are for you!

Investing in Google AdWords (or Google Ads) is the quickest way for you to be found by an engaged audience of prospects who have no hesitation to pay for your products, goods or services.

If you’re already investing in Google Ads or other social media ad campaigns, do you know how well they are performing? Many clients turn to Search Rescue because they’re not getting the desired results from their current Google Ads Agency in Singapore.

As an expert Google AdWords Agency in Singapore we have over a decade of experience in identifying what does, and what does not work when it comes to SEO which allows Search Rescue to target the right keywords to cut through the clutter of Organic and Paid search results to reach qualified prospects who are genuinely searching for your products, goods, or services.

Google ads management

Furthermore our subject matter expertise and result driven approach have made us the most sought-after Google Shopping Agency in Singapore.

As an expert Google Shopping Ads agency, we

  • Configure your Google Merchant Centre
  • Get your products found in Google
  • Then optimise for eCommerce revenue and profitability

In short, we handle all Google Ads Management in Singapore so that your account is hyper efficient for maximum lead volume and return on ad spend.

As a leading Google AdWords agency in Singapore, we:

  • Configure campaigns settings for maximum efficiency and results including targeting for location, device, time of day, demographics and much more
  • Take advantage of the latest in machine learning and automated bid strategies (which can take results through the roof!)
  • Detailed keyword research for cost-effective AdWords management
  • Keyword management including addition of negative (blocking) keywords
  • Text ad creation and updates to match your evolving products or services
  • Use of the latest in dynamic search ads which can be particularly powerful when you offer a large breadth of products or services
  • Transparent campaign management fees
  • Real time campaign reporting
  • Consulting on scaling up and maximising your revenue

If you are looking for a Google AdWords or Google Shopping Company in Singapore to craft ad campaigns that put you ahead of your competition, reach out to Search Rescue!


Google AdWords agency

Get ahead of your Competition with Tailored Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in Singapore

Want to be on Google’s first page and enjoy a steady stream of organic traffic?

Search Rescue is your SEO services partner to take your business to the next level. Since search engine algorithms are constantly evolving, the Search Rescue SEO team keeps updated with the changes and adapts our service accordingly. However, the fundamentals of SEO will likely remain the same for a long time to come as found in our blog The 7 Pillars Of SEO.

Search Rescue uses ethical techniques and fundamentally strong, result driven SEO strategies tailored to your business. Some businesses will gain more from link building, some more from content, some more from Google My Business, and some from other elements – so we customise the SEO product to your industry vertical and play to your strengths.

search engine optimization

Why Choose Search Rescue: One of the Best SEO Companies in Singapore

  • Comprehensive SEO addressing all SEO factors
  • Track record of rankings, traffic, leads, sales and profitability
  • State of the art software & tools for in-depth website analysis
  • On-site and off-site SEO
  • Content strategy aligned with your business objectives
  • Quality link building
  • Transparency

SEO Services in Singapore that Works for your Growth

Our team of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) specialists design SEO plans tailored to your business goals. Search Rescue Advisors discuss clear goals and deliverables with our clients so you can map your progress achieved through our SEO services whether it be calls, form submissions, chat, eCommerce revenue or a combination of all. Whether your objective is to improve visibility, boost revenue or build brand image, Search Rescue ensures that your objectives are met. And with our sure-fire on-page work, content strategy and backlinking, we deliver beyond-expectation results for our clients.

If you are looking for top-notch SEO Services in Singapore that deliver results, we are here for you!


SEO services

Social Media Marketing: Getting in Front of the Right Audience with the Right Creative

Social Media Marketing

Every business is different, and so should be their social media strategy. We conduct in-depth analysis to understand your target audience, competition and run targeted social media ads to maximise leads and generate sales. With the right creative served to the right audience, social media marketing results can be outstanding. Particularly if your product or service is eye-catching and appealing.

Our social media marketing results in:

  • Leads and Sales – The #1 Goal in all Digital Marketing
  • Laser Precision Audience Targeting
  • Split Test Ad Creatives to Understand and Improve your Results
  • Increase Page Likes
  • Increase Brand Awareness

Gain Traction for your Brand with our Social Media Marketing in Singapore. Contact

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it will. The exact results will depend on your industry, competition, your website and a few other factors.

My Google Ads is getting lots of clicks, but it is not converting. Can you help?

Yes, we eliminate wasteful clicks by effective targeting and smart use of relevant keywords. We conduct in-depth analysis to remove keywords that bring clicks but do not result in sales. We adjust settings for optimal cost per lead and write compelling text ads in line with Google best practice. Overall, we optimise your entire Google Ads account to ultimately lower your cost per lead.

Your Google ads need to be managed and optimised every month based on the myriad of campaign performance data and signals. Keywords that are not working will be removed, ads updated, settings changed where required etc. Results vary week after week. Moreover, the “set it, forget it” approach does not work in the competitive world of Google Ads.

Yes, definitely. Having a web presence is almost mandatory for local businesses in Singapore. Web presence will give you improved visibility and enquiries. Your shopfront is always important however your digital shopfront can often be even more important and lucrative.

SEO cost will depend on several factors primarily the number of pages requiring traffic, number of targeted keywords, competition levels, amount of content required and the desired number of backlinks. To know more about our SEO programs and how we can help, call us today!

No. We use 100% ethical white hat techniques which are proven to work, deliver strong consistent results and adhere to Google’s guidelines on best practice. We are  100% transparent on our SEO work and will share monthly reports with you covering everything we do and all necessary results.