Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a complex beast but here at Search Rescue, we have condensed it down to 7 pillars that help our clients understand the key elements and how we work on these. We hope you will find this useful whether you need SEO in Sydney or throughout the globe!

Note the below elements apply to all pages on your website so when analysing the below make sure you action the below on the home page (most important SEO page) and the main subpages.

  1. Content – if you are selling big blue widgets then make sure you say this. It sounds obvious but we often see websites that focus on beautiful pictures but forget to mention their big blue widgets!
  2. Architecture – meta information including URLs, page titles, meta descriptions, heading tags and alt tags are a really fast way to tell the Google crawlers what you want that page to rank for. Ideally, mention your big blue widgets in these fields where possible.
  3. Site speed – more recently the search engines like Google penalize you for slow load time as it’s a bad experience for their users.
  4. Blogging – by posting frequent blogs on your site you are (a) provide fresh interesting content to your visitors / answer common questions (2) showing Google that your website is fresh. Remember, if you have the right blog topics sometimes your blog pages can be your top-visited pages if the topics have lots of traffic behind them and low competition.
  5. Social signals – make sure your social buttons are present on the website and you’re posting in your socials often.
  6. Backlinking – arguably the most complex and difficult part of SEO. When all of the above 5 (simpler) SEO pillars are actioned it’s imperative to place content backlinking to your site on other high authority sites. This can be very time-consuming and arduous to do and the reason lots of companies outsource their SEO to experts like us!
  7. Google My Business (GMB) – if you have a location where you service your clients, you need to claim and complete all information of the GMB page. Furthermore, by getting positive reviews from happy clients, this will increase the rankings of this page.

Ensure all of the above pillars are actioned and monitored to obtain your best possible SEO keyword rankings. Here at Search Rescue, we action all of these SEO pillars and much more. If you want to know more, please fill out the form below and we can run a free SEO audit. We hope the above SEO information was helpful!

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