Social Signals

In the past decade Google have mentioned that having your social buttons on your website can be helpful for rankings and even perception. Having links between your social media pages and your website works 2 ways. With your socials pointing to your website and having your socials updated allows Google to know you have these high authority social sites backlinking to your site and sending fresh, new signals. Vice versa, pushing people from your site to your socials can get you more follows / likes / subscribers etc which will also help your greater website presence. Essential social buttons on your site would be Facebook and LinkedIn, but also consider YouTube, Instagram, RSS Feed, Pinterest, TikTok, SnapChat or anywhere else you have a profile. And if you don’t yet have a profile – get one! They are free to create, so any leads or sales you get from it have a $0 cost per lead!.

Tip – If you are running social media marketing then it is especially important to have the social buttons to push more traffic to your socials. The more users to your socials, the better audience lists those publishers have and thus the more efficiently they can run your marketing.