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There are a number of different elements that determine your Google organic footprint and our job is to understand and act on these for optimal SEO page rankings

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What is SEO?

SEO – or Search Engine Optimisation – is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through Google’s organic (unpaid) results.

How Search Rescue can help

Google’s algorithm is continually changing, which means that you need an SEO agency like us who are always learning and adapting the methods we use to get the most out of our SEO campaigns. There are a number of different factors and components that determine how your website appears on Google and at Search Rescue, our job is to understand what these mean for our clients. With so many aspects to consider, it makes sense to work with a dedicated team of search engine optimisation experts who live and breathe all things SEO.

Delivering the best local SEO services & national SEO services Australia has to offer, the team at Search Rescue focus heavily on return on investment (ROI). We concentrate our efforts on keywords and search terms specific to your business that are going to increase both your online visibility and organic traffic.

Search Rescue conducts free, detailed SEO marketing audits which provide us with all the information we need to launch and tailor an SEO campaign for your business. We also offer extremely detailed and transparent reporting which will show you exactly how well your campaigns are performing, what we have completed, what the backlinks were, areas for future growth and much more.

If you’re looking for an experienced and reliable SEO agency that will make the most of your advertising dollar, look no further than Search Rescue’s SEO services.

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The Seven pillars of SEO

SEO – or search engine optimisation – can be broken up into seven major pillars, all of which will impact your online – the actual wording of the website, the website architecture, back-linking, social signals, site speed, GMB listing and the inclusion of a blog.

1 – Content

When it comes to the actual wording or content of your site, it needs to be relevant to the keywords you’re trying to chase. While the words you’re trying to rank for need to be mentioned with sufficient frequency create an impact, they cannot be used so frequently that Google sees it as spammy.

2 – Architecture

The website architecture refers to components of a website such as page URL, meta title, meta description, alt tags, heading tags & more.

The page title and meta description are particularly important because this is the headline and the first two lines of of text as shown in the Google organic search results, and have a heavy impact on the click through rate and resulting SEO clicks.

3 – Backlinking

Arguably the most difficult pillar of SEO marketing. A backlink for a given web resource is a link from another website to your website. Google likes your website to be linked from as many high-quality domains as possible. It is also essential to ensure that the number of backlinks you have is proportionate to the number of domains you are getting linked from. I.e. it is preferable to have 1000 links from 200 sites than having 10,000 links from just 50 sites.

The quality of websites that link back to your own is crucial when it comes to impacting your SEO ranking. Furthermore if your links are from low quality sites, the toxicity score of your links will be high which will have a detrimental effect on your ranking, and you may even incur a penalty where you will be removed from Google’s search results completely. You need a quality SEO agency like Search Rescue to provide quality, transparent backlinking.

4 – Social Signals

The fourth pillar is social signals. It’s essential to have your social buttons set up correctly on your website and to have consistent posts on your social media profiles because Google will then determine your business as being active.

If your social signals aren’t up to date and active, Google may see your business as dormant and your SEO strength will suffer as a result.

5 – Blog

The fifth and final pillar is the inclusion regularly updated blog page on your site. If you have a blog page and are frequently contributing useful and informative content to your website, Google will look upon this favourably which will have a positive impact on your SEO. Furthermore if the blog topic is something frequently searched, your blog page will not only rank in Google but sometimes bring in considerable traffic.

6 – Speed

Website speed is another important SEO ranking factor. Google wants its users to click through to sites which have a good website experience including a fast load time. Note that desktop and mobile load times are different so both renders need to be considered. We look at the factors that affect your load time. We action standard speed elements and for more complex script / file issues we will work with your website developer to prioritise these slow elements and resolve them. A complete SEO marketing agency like Search Rescue can help diagnose and resolve this important SEO pillar.

7 – Google My Business (GMB) 

If you have a location where you service your clients, you need to claim and complete all information of the GMB page. Furthermore, by getting positive reviews from happy clients, this will increase the rankings of this page.

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FAQs SEO Agency

SEO is extremely complex so you need an expert to make changes on and off your site to meet Google’s algorithm requirements. Some of the main pillars of SEO include content, site architecture, site speed, social signals, blogging and quality backlinking.

SEO can provide unlimited clicks to your website from targeted keywords. Comprehensive SEO will get you to and keep you on page 1 of Google’s search engine results page. Clicks from SEO listings are generally of better quality than Google Ad clicks because there is a perception that a website that has earned its way up the rankings is a more credible site than someone who has paid their way there through Google Ads.

The main pillars of SEO  are site content, site architecture, site speed, social signals, blogging and quality backlinking. While the elements of the SEO algorithm change every day, these fundamental elements remain constant.

Quality backlinking, establishment of accurate meta information, on site blogging, website copy analysis and improvement, website speed improvement, ensuring social buttons are present and active.

When SEO is done correctly it can provide incredible return on investment. Most SEO companies charge on a fixed monthly basis. Given that the potential traffic is huge, it is often the cheapest source of new leads as compared to other digital marketing channels.

SEO is most often extremely profitable. Most SEO agencies charge on a fixed monthly basis. And given that the potential traffic is huge, SEO is often the cheapest source of new leads as compared to other digital marketing channels.

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