The plumbing industry in Australia is highly competitive to work and market in. With 80% of people searching for plumbing services on Google, restricting your presence to yellow pages would be detrimental to your business. You need an online presence.

Plumbing is a unique business. You need a digital marketing strategy that puts your business before potential customers, telling them about all the services you offer and the strong value proposition of your services. For example,

  • Having a website with separate pages for each of the plumbing services being offered, such as drain clearing, emergency, electric eel services, commercial plumbing, etc
  • Bring out the element of Emergency services 
  • 24/7 availability 
  • Call out fees
  • The localities you serve, and more!
Digital Marketing For Plumbing Companies

For this, you need an offer and a compelling website. That’s where Search Rescue comes in.  

We understand your business and help potential customers reach you with our tailored digital marketing strategy for the plumbing business.

Get in Front of your customers and take your business to the growth path with Search Rescue! 


Your website is the window for people to glance through and know you. When people reach your website, they get to know your services, skills, expertise, and more. Your website acts as a magnet to attract potential clients. Several features on your website will help you win clients and their trust:

  • Customer testimonials
  • Live chat
  • Online appointment booking
  • Online payment
  • User-friendly navigation

Search Rescue specialises in digital marketing for a plumbing business. Using business-specific techniques such as having locality or suburb-centric pages for the areas you serve, we put your business right before your customers. We ensure that elements like ‘Emergency Services’ and ‘Service Warranties’ are loud and clear on your website. 

Search Engine Optimization for Plumbing Services

The majority of potential customers search online when faced with a plumbing issue. Most likely, they will choose a plumber in their locality or surrounding areas. That is why your location-specific website needs to appear in the top results. For example, Google Ads and SEO for specific areas such as Plumbing Northern Beaches or Plumber Manly generate more leads and business.

With our time-tested, result-driven SEO strategies, we ensure that every element of your website- Content, images, and URLs are optimised for search engines and visitors.  

Google Ads (AdWords) for Plumbing Services 

One of the quickest ways to be at the top of the minds of your potential customers is using Google Ads. A finely planned and executed Google Ads campaign would ensure your services appear in the top results, giving your business enhanced visibility and an improved digital footprint. We can assure spontaneous traffic growth within 48 hours of the Google Ads for plumbing services going live.

Blog: Effective Technique to Boost Conversions

Blogs help give potential customers insight into your services, your approach, and your procedure for services. Your blog is a marketing tool to attract potential customers and improve your SEO with relevant content.

Social Media Marketing

Make your presence felt on social media. It is important to garner interest and build trust with your potential customers. Your social media marketing strategy could include:

  • Posting updates on Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook
  • Share quick tips 
  • Advertise your services on social media platforms

We help you improve your online visibility and win the trust of your potential customers by using advanced analytics and machine learning techniques. We monitor and tweak our marketing strategies to drive results and put your business on a steady growth path.

Accelerate your business growth with our value-for-money digital marketing services.