Here at Search Rescue we simply love ecommerce digital marketing campaigns! The ability to track and optimise based on revenue and profit is simply the most efficient and powerful method as compared to optimising for phone calls or form submissions. These are not true indications of leads and profit whereas a sale is a sale!

Some Brands We Work With

The primary metric you should be looking at in your own marketing, or asking of your agency for is return on ad spend (ROAS). ROAS is how many dollars of revenue you get from 1 dollar invested. Google offers strategies like maximum conversion value at a target ROAS or just maximise conversion value. Based on the revenue and ROAS signals of your Google shopping campaign /s, both Google and your agency will automatically and manually make adjustments to various bids maximise your revenue and ROAS.

These big strategies are not just restricted to shopping campaigns, they can also be applied to search campaigns. When customers run ecommerce campaigns at Search Rescue, they usually come with a large number of website products. Presently we are finding great results with dynamic search ads where Google writes the ads, keywords and selects the landing pages for the campaign then optimises on the resulting outcome.

Google Shopping Campaign

Obviously Facebook marketing is extremely powerful and depending on the product you’re selling, can significantly outperform Google ads for ecommerce. Our general rule of thumb on which verticals perform in Facebook is where the products are interesting, thought-provoking and / or enticing. With all push marketing like Facebook Ads, billboard ads, TV ads etc your ad creative needs to be punchy. You are competing in a saturated market place and trying to capture people’s interest as they scroll through their feeds. The message needs to be strong enough to make people STOP and look at your ad.

For Facebook marketing, in addition to the ad creatives, the audiences must be carefully selected and here at Search Rescue we have 10+ years of experience in building and optimising great audiences to gain the best revenue and ROAS from your ecommerce campaign. In addition to general remarketing, interest targeting, lookalike audiences etc, ecommerce at Facebook works well from specific audiences like shopping cart abandoners, loyalty shoppers, upsell audiences, seasonal audiences etc. The smart audience options are almost endless.

If you are wanting to run SEO on your ecommerce campaign, we have had incredible results across all of the main platforms such as WordPress WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento and more. We carefully choose the right SEO keywords based on information sources including current SEO results, Google Ads search terms, scraping of a clients website, competitor research and of course client input.

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We can talk until we are blue in the face about the gamut of customers who have had fantastic ecommerce results in digital marketing but check the below client reviews which speak for themselves.

Our revenue has grown 45% on the back of Search Rescue’s SEO & Google Ads service. Our SEO keyword rankings have soared and we have gained 27 new clients from this digital marketing who are now ongoing accounts with Ergoworks.

Marnie Douglas
CEO & Founder of Ergoworks Consulting

We started using Search Rescue for our SEO in November 2020. In just 3 months we gained 5 new high traffic keywords into the top 3 positions and a further 9 high traffic keywords on to the first page. Additionally we had 7 brand new high traffic keywords indexed by Google. We have had an 80% increase in traffic and a massive lift in month on month eCommerce revenue. Thanks so much guys – we can’t keep up with orders!

 – Gregor Salvin
General Manager
Volleyball Shop

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Amazing people to work with who really do make a difference. They have definitely made an impact on what SEO results we can achieve. Working with Search Rescue has just not been successful, it has been a really positive experience..”

Debbie Taylor


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