First of all congratulations for choosing Shopify as your ecommerce platform. This CMS is arguably the most popular shopping cart website currently due to a myriad of reasons including ease-of-use, style options and most importantly e-commerce capabilities.

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Now that you have your Shopify site set up, it’s’ time to throw some traffic at it! There is a famous cliche which says that a website can be like a billboard in the desert. Digital marketing is the freeway which sends the traffic straight to get it noticed.

When it comes to digital marketing for Shopify websites, Search Rescue have had incredible results primarily using Google shopping, Google Ads, SEO and Facebook marketing. The primary metric a digital marketer should deliver in the space is return on ad spend (ROAS). By understanding the ROAS, we use that data to scale and maximise the potential from your Shopify site. For example if your profit margin is 20% then you need a 5 to 1 ROAS to break even. If your impression share is not 100%, then the mid to long-term aim here is to adjust the campaign to full impression share at a profitable level.

We have had clients here at Search Rescue that start on $1000 a month in marketing and have scaled to $80,000 a month in marketing based on proven revenue and ROAS data.

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As we always say, there is nothing hidden in digital marketing so if we can prove there is more profitable revenue out there, we will tell you and help take your business to the next level and maximise your earnings from the ecommerce Shopify digital marketing.

If you are running digital marketing yourself or through another agency right now and you don’t feel you’re getting the best value then reach out and we will do an obligation free marketing audit to tell you where the gaps are and where the opportunity lies.

Google Shopping for Shopify websites is a breeze given how ‘natively’ Shopify integrates with the Google Merchant Centre (which ‘powers’ your Google Shopping list of products).

Additional to Google marketing, Facebook Marketing for Shopify sites can deliver incredible results. The native link from Shopify to Facebook makes it the easiest CMS integration of all the current available website options. With that in mind, managing Facebook catalog ads is easier with Shopify because the products feed into Facebook so easily.

While there are some unique attributes of a Shopify site for SEO (including hosting location and fixed URL structure), by implementing our pillars of SEO we have achieved some incredible page 1 rankings, traffic increases, ROAS improvement and revenue jumps.

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