In digital marketing, Search Engine Optimization or SEO is critical. When you want more leads or traffic to your website, deciding on the most effective SEO strategy is crucial. But how do you know if your SEO strategy is working well? That’s where an SEO audit comes into play.

When your SEO audit shows gaps then there is obviously room for improvement in rankings which will in turn drive clicks and leads [assuming the right keywords are ranking]. Your existing service provider might not have applied the right tactics or you may not have an SEO provider at all. Here’s a lowdown on the strategies that have yielded maximum benefits in SEO for our clients.

On-Page SEO

This consists of everything that your visitors would see while visiting your website. While content remains the king for all websites, a free SEO audit will identify if vital on page SEO factors were considered and implemented correctly. Some on page elements include:

  • Relevant and related keywords.
  • Having the keywords in the title, initial paragraphs, URLs, and at least in one of the headings. 
  • Good designs that make it easy for new visitors to explore. 
  • User experience which related to Google’s newer signal called Core Web Vitals.

No matter how trivial these factors seem, getting them right is particularly imperative. If you change 10 factors by 10% you get a 100% improvement in results.

Off-page SEO

Good search engine optimisation providers will offer strong off page SEO. This involves link building which is essentially outreach to other websites and getting a link from their site to yours. A link back from a large, high quality site will send stronger SEO signals than from a tiny site with little traffic / authority. A high number of backlinks from a high number of quality sites will make your site more authoritative in Google’s eyes and it will reward you up the rankings. Your free SEO audit will include a backlink breakdown in terms of number and quality of these links. In the audit we would inspect:

  • Are efforts taken to build relationships with social media influencers, bloggers, vloggers, etc. You need more than good content to gain higher rankings and these are great ways.
  • Whether different social media platforms were used to improve your visibility and periodic posting to these properties is occurring.
  • Guest blogging.

Look for a Technical SEO Agency

Technical SEO is an important part of your overall SEO strategy. Technical SEO involves two factors:

  • The components for a good on-page website.
  • Behind the scenes elements like coding, metas, clearing errors etc

The important aspects of technical SEO are:

  • Optimised images.
  • Speed of your page.
  • Use of secure connection [SSL / HTTPS]
  • Upload well-detailed site maps.

All these factors simplify the way Google crawlers check and index websites. Your free SEO audit report would review if your website is optimised for the above elements..

Local SEO

The post-pandemic market has undoubtedly witnessed a boom in online business. If you are a local company or a local service provider, attracting more customers is important. Your free SEO audit report would check if:

  • Your business listing is optimised with well-described information, quality content, and testimonials from clients.
  • Has your business claimed the Google My Business page? It ensures that all-important information is visible on Google maps, as well as in the search results. 

A good local SEO strategy is essential to enjoy strong website rankings.

Given that it all boils down to the service of your SEO professional, the first step is to get a free SEO audit for your website. Ensure to partner with an agency that can customise their services as per your needs. 

At Search Rescue, we analyse the 7 pillars of SEO and use our expertise to provide you with the best solutions that allow you to take advantage of search engines and get found online.

Some of the factors we check include:

  • Domain Authority – Domain Authority is a ranking system for websites that determines the quality of those sites. This system is based on the number of links to your site from other sites, and it can be used to assess how well your site will rank in search engines.
  • Hosting LocationThe hosting location of a website is the geographical location where the site is hosted. It does not refer to the physical location of a website’s servers, but rather to the place where it is registered.
  • Meta-Analysis Namely Page Titles, Descriptions, Alt tags – 
    Meta-analysis can be applied to web page titles, descriptions, and alt tags as well. The purpose of meta-analysis is not just to summarise findings but also to identify patterns across different studies.
  • Blog Page Existence and RecencyBlog pages are a great way to keep your content fresh and up to date. A blog page should be updated regularly, with at least one new post each month. The frequency of posts will depend on the topic of the blog and how often it is updated by the author.
  • Backlink Number and Domain Ratio –  The higher the number of backlinks, the more authoritative a site is considered. However, a high domain ratio also indicates that a site may be spamming and trying to manipulate search engine results.
  • Website Load Time Desktop and Mobile – Website load time is the time it takes for a website to load completely. The loading time of a website depends on a lot of factors such as the number of images, plugins, and other features that are being loaded on the site.
  • Existence of website schemaWebsite schemas are used to determine what type of content is on a given page, and where it is located. They are also used to show the relationship between pages on your site.
  • Google My Business Page, Completeness and Review Profile – It’s important for Google My Business Page to be complete and up-to-date because it reflects the quality of the company. The company must have a verified phone number, website URL, physical address, opening hours, contact number and other information on its page in order to show up on Google Maps search results

Based on our findings we can tailor an SEO plan to help grow your business’ organic footprint. Connect with us today.

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