Performance Max (a.k.a PMax) is an incredible new product launched by Google in 2022. This product to some extent mimics Smart Shopping in that it takes your ads into not only the search engine but also other Google networks such as YouTube, Gmail, Google’s huge display network, the Google app and whatever is next in Google! However for the first time performance max places your search ads in these platforms. (Smart Shopping has been placing products ads through multiple networks for 12+ months.)

What Is Different?

Regular search ads predominantly require simple wording about your services. Performance Max for search allows you to upload videos, images, logos, product feeds, Google my business listings and more to serve as ads. Then depending on the platform, the ad is serving on Google will serve the most relevant assets of these and then split test and optimise to further improve results.

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Who Will Benefit From Performance Max?

Clients with the below attributes:

  1. A long time from research to purchase
  2. Larger transaction value – $500+ (because more research would be done)
  3. The client gets to benefit from push advertising like social, display, TV, radio, billboard, programmatic etc
  4. When the client has client lists that can be uploaded and used at Google (preferable but not essential)
  5. When the client has a large established remarketing list and/or lots of website traffic Google can use it for audience establishment (preferable but not essential)
  6. The target audience is quite specific eg selling surfboards to surfers (preferable but not essential)

Why Should I Try Performance, Max?

From the testing, we have conducted as of March 2022 the cost per lead and return on spending (ROAS) from PMax campaigns have outperformed regular search campaigns almost immediately. And given more time and data points we have found it significantly outperforms traditional search campaigns.

If you would like to know more about running performance max campaigns call us today as we love this product!

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