When it comes to building a Google Ads account there are three main elements that your Google AdWords agency should help you with. These three elements should drive a great cost per lead if all are configured optimally.

There are many settings to be considered when setting up a Google AdWords account.
As digital marketing becomes more and more reliant on machine learning, perhaps the most important setting these days is your bid strategy. Choosing the right bid strategy according to your target goal of calls or online sales can make or break your campaign. In high cost per click verticals we recommend maximize clicks with a bid cap.For all other verticals we recommend maximize conversions. For e-commerce campaigns we use maximize conversion value but if the client has a specific profit need we also implement target return on ad spend.
Location settings are also extremely important in a Google AdWords account. By choosing the right locations and excluding the wrong locations it spends the budget more efficiently.
Some other key settings include device bids and ad scheduling to ensure your ads only show at the times and on the devices which are most likely to convert. Bear in mind that some automated bid strategies do not require location, device and ad scheduling adjustments because that bid strategy automatically does those.
It is crucial that you have goals configured such that the machine learning can use that data to optimize the campaign. Goals can include things like phone calls, form submissions, chat submissions, views of an important page and also e-commerce transactions. With goals set up correctly the campaign can continually optimize to a better cost per lead.

Your Google Ads account needs enticing text ads to lure people to your site. Search ads need a mix of two expanded text ads and one responsive text ad per ad group. However as of approximately June 2022 expanded text ads will be phased out leaving just the option of responsive text ads.
It is important to have specific ad groups for each of your various focuses. By architecting a campaign this way your click-through rate will be higher thus bringing up your quality score and lowering your cost per lead.
If you have a wide number of products and services it is highly recommended to have dynamic search ad groups in your AdWords campaign. With ‘DSA’ Google will automatically write the text ads, choose the keywords and select the landing pages for the clicks.

Keywords are obviously the filter to ensure you incur clicks off relevant terms. You need to ensure that all relevant variations of your keywords are included and consider geographical concatenations of these for example lawyer Sydney, Lawyer Parramatta etc.
Google is in the process of phasing out broad match modifier as a match type therefore it is ideal to enter keywords on phrase match to ensure you receive the most relevant traffic.
If you don’t add keywords on the correct match type and you can incur wastage. Wastage can be filtered out by adding negative keywords from observations in the search term report.
In summary if these three critical Google AdWords elements are carefully considered and acted upon you will have a highly efficient Google Ads campaign with a low cost per lead. If you have any more questions about Google Ads Management Sydney or elsewhere feel free to reach out for a free audit.

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